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Ball screws are a type of screw that is designed to hold in the center of the shaft with a ball bearing. This type of screw with a ball on one end and a threaded rod on the other. These screws are made to create a smooth, continuous motion. They are most commonly used in industrial machinery, such as drilling and milling machines, lathes, and milling machines.

Product Description

Syscom Ball screws come featuring a metal ball with a round shape within the middle of the shaft. Ball screws boast a superior strength-to-weight ratio. They are made of stainless steel or steel and the most durable screws. Ball screws are employed in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, military manufacturing, and military. They also tighten or loosen bolts and nuts for mechanical use. Syscom ball screws have been used for many years and are robust due to their performance capabilities.

Ball screws are used in both low and high-speed use. They are also simple to adjust since they dont require any specific tools to do this. They can help reduce costs and time for the assembly of large-scale projects. We import ball screws from HIWIN and PMI to provide our customers with the best quality product. 

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What is Ball Screw?

A ball screw is a threaded rod with a spherical, or ball, head. Ball screws are often used as linear actuators, especially in applications requiring precise positioning. Ball screws are an assembly machine tool used for rotating and moving metal parts, typically in a lathe. They are used for milling, drilling, threading, and tapping operations, among other functions. Ball screws are used in metalworking and metal forming applications. A ball screw is a device used to transfer rotational motion from one rotating shaft to another. The shaft with the ball screw attached rotates much slower than the other. It makes it possible to control the rotation rate by adjusting the amount of force applied.

Features of Syscom Ball Screws

Syscom Ball screws are ideal for applications needing to be fixed or held in place. PMI Ball screws are also often used in various machine tool applications. HIWIN Ball screws are screws with a round, spherical ball attached to the shaft of the screw. They have everyday use in the automotive industry and are also used in machine tools, power transmission, and manufacturing.

  • Eliminate Corrosion and Problems with premature wear that come with standard Screws.
  • Are High In Terms Of Precision and Dynamics,
  • ensures high force density and load capacity.
  • Assure The Systems Dependability.
  • Obtain Significant Surface Hardness.
  • Have Great Corrosion Resistance.
  • Improve The Efficiency Of The System.
  • Work At Lower Operating Temperatures.
  • To Completely End The Life Cycle, eliminate Overhaul and Lubrication.
  • Offer Greater Positioning Precision.

Advantages of Ball Screws

Ball screws offer a wide range of benefits. They are the best solution for projects where heavy loads are required. They are also the perfect tool for industrial production. HIWIN and PMIBall screws allow for high load capacities and can be used with almost any material. Ball screws are machine-to-machine fasteners ideal for applications requiring high precision, high speed, and high torque.

They are typically used in applications where a more complicated and bulky joint could cause mechanical failures, like a rotating shaft or a planetary gear. These screws are often used in the aerospace industry to mount actuators and control surfaces, in addition to other applications such as the nuclear power plant industry, automotive manufacturing, and the semiconductor industry.

Standard Ball screws perform better than other screws in terms of efficiency because of their lower friction. A standard ball screw could achieve 90 percent efficiency compared to the Acme lead screw with the exact dimensions. 20-25 percent efficiency due to no frictional sliding between the nut and the screw, and screw assemblies last longer (mainly when they are used in systems that do not have backlash), which decreases the need for lubrication, and time required for maintenance. The overall performance enhancements and reduced energy consumption could offset the initial cost of using ball screws.

Applications of Ball Screws

Sycom Ball screws are used in various industries to reduce the need for direct gear reduction. They are utilized in many different applications, such as the aerospace industry, mining, and engineering. A ball screw is a device that consists of a cylindrical screw with a smooth, round ball on end. It is used for moving heavy objects and is a mechanical drive that provides a rotational motion. A Ball Screw is a mechanical device that uses a pair of balls to rotate a shaft to effect a linear movement. It is a fast, efficient, and inexpensive method of linear motion. Ball screws are commonly used in many manufacturing industries and other applications, such as nuclear power plants.

HIWIN Ball screws are utilized for moving control surfaces within missile and aerospace systems, including electric fly-by-wire systems and automobile power steering systems, for transforming rotational motion generated by an electric motor to the axial motion of the wheel. Robotics, machine tools, and even precision assembly equipment use ball screws. Steppers for semiconductor fabrication utilize precision ball screws that are high in accuracy.

Components of the Linear Ball Screws

The three main components of ball screws comprise the screw shaft, the nut, and the ball bearings or balls. The first step is to examine their main features and how they impact the process.

Screw Shaft

Screw shafts are a component of a screwball. It receives rotational force and then rotates around its axis, resulting in linear movement. A motor is the source of force to rotate the rod on the end of the shaft.

It is a cylindrical shaft with a continuous groove referred to as screw thread. The thread runs helically along around the.

The ball groove is a passageway for rolling ball bearings. A ball screw with a ball groove profile is also semicircular or gothic. The semicircular arc profile is made up of one arc, whereas the gothic arc profile is made up of two angles. As a result, the two groove profiles contact points with the ball differ.

A ball screw can be considered a right-hand ball screw if that groove runs clockwise on the shaft. Its shaft slants to the right. A left-hand ball screw has a track that runs counterclockwise and leans to the left.


A ball screw nut is a cylinder that houses the ball bearing and its recirculation system. The nuts internals also includes ball grooves that correspond to the tracks on the screw shaft.

Ball Bearings

The ball bearings, also known as the balls, are the most visible part of the ball screws, which move between the space between the nut and the shaft. There would be too much friction between the rotating screw and the nut if the balls were not. Therefore, they are the element that reduces friction. Steel is frequently used to produce balls.

Types of Ball Screws

A ball screw is a tool with a central screw shaft, with a smooth round ball at the end of the shaft, used to move materials in tight spaces. They are commonly used in aerospace, construction, and many other fields. They come in different types, such as:

1. Heavy-duty ball screw

This Heavy Duty Ball Screw is a highly durable and reliable for any machine or assembly. The unit comprises two rods threaded to be screwed together to create a perfect circle. The ball screw has an angle that is 90 degrees. It ensures that it will always produce the same output no whatever size object it is screwing. The ball screw operates at high speeds and is an overall diameter of 5/8 inches.

2. High-speed ball screw

A ball screw with high speed is a rotating drive mechanism that transmits torque. Ball screws are ideal for large objects linear or rotating movement. Ball screws are easily integrated into various systems since they are flexible and economical. Ball screws with high speed are rotational drive systems that transmit torque. Ball screws are ideal for large objects linear or rotating movement. Ball screws are easily integrated into different systems due to their versatility.

3. The cooled ball screw

The Cooled Ball Screw is a lightweight, compact, and cost-effective device used to mount and move industrial machine components. The ball screw features an axial shaft that rotates and is reciprocating, fitted with a bearing at the middle of the shaft. Gas or liquid cools the bearing to decrease friction and extend the life span. The device is employed to operate the conveyor belt, CNC machine, or blenders.

4. Nut-rotating ball screw

A nut-rotating ball screw is an instrument used to turn the thread on a nut onto a threaded rod. Ball screws are cylindrical devices that include an inner ball bearing and an externally threaded shaft. The shaft of the ball screw is rotated inside the ball bearing. The ball bearing is a vertical surface made smooth by grinding, or the shaft could be cut using grooves in which the ball screw rides through.

5. Self-lubricating ball screw

The self-lubricating screw is made for applications that require continuous oiling. This screw features three stainless steel housing parts and two rollers forming the ball-to-ball connection. The two rollers are set inside the housing and have one per side. A two-part stainless steel liner is set on both sides of the housing. There is one roller per part of the liner.

6. Silent ball screw

A silent screw can be described as a magnetic coupling in many applications, including computer disk drives and precise shaft coupling. It is a linear actuator with no mechanical moving components. It uses the force of permanent magnets to permit the shaft to move across the guide.

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