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SBR linear slide bearings are the most efficient and robust type of bearing that can be used in industrial applications. The low-friction design and high-load capacity of these bearings make them ideal for use in precision machinery, as well as power transmission, agricultural, and other industrial applications.

Product Specification:

Product Typelinear slide bearing
Packaging Typebox
Is It Rust ProofRust Proof
I Deal InNew Only
Minimum Order Quantity7 Piece

Product Description

Syscom Automation is the best importer and supplier of SBR 16 UU Linear Slide Bearings. These bearings are manufactured from chromium steel, an alloy utilized in the automotive and aerospace industries. SBR 16 UU Linear Slide Bearing is available in many sizes, shapes, and materials.

The linear slide bearing has an SBR outer sleeve and a bearing insert. The bearing insert is a tube with a long cylindrical protrusion on one end and a round protuberance on the other. This design provides the best protection against heat and shock. The bearing insert also has a pair of locking surfaces that allow it to be inserted into the SBR sleeve and be locked in place with a key.

This slide bearing is made of an SBR material that provides high strength, low friction, and improved wear resistance. In addition, the bearings have high precision, accuracy, and durability.

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SBR 16 UU Linear Slide Bearing, Packaging Type: Box at Rs 300/piece in Delhi

What is SBR 16 UU Linear Slide Bearing

SBR Linear Slide Bearing is a bearing for linear slides. It replaces the rubber roller in the linear slide to reduce friction and improve sliding. Linear Slide Bearings are a bearing type with linear rollers and a rod. They are used for applications that require a sliding motion with minimal friction. 

Linear bearings are typically metal, but some plastic-based linear bearings exist. SBR 16 UU Linear Slide Bearing is commonly used in industrial applications. In addition, it is a component that is widely used in any industrial machinery. Therefore, it can be used in a wide range of applications. The bearings are typically used to reduce friction and are created of various materials, such as steel, plastic, and ceramic.

Features of SBR 16 UU Linear Slide Bearing

Linear slide bearing uses a pair of linear bearings with a thrust washer and a spacer to create a linear motion along one axis and a rotary motion around another. It is often used in applications where the linear and rotary motions are the same, such as the drive train in an automobile.

A linear slide bearing is a ball bearing, except its inner race is shaped like a linear slope. The slope increases the contact area between the inner and outer races, which increases the bearings stiffness and load capacity. As a result, SBR linear slide bearings are well-suited for applications that require high rigidity and high contact pressure.

SBR 16 UU Linear Slide Bearing is used in various industrial, automotive, and industrial-scale machinery. It is used as a bearing for linear sliding or pivoting movements. It consists of a metal inner race and a plastic outer race. This bearing is typically used for moving long distances in high-precision applications.

Advantages of SBR 16 UU Linear Slide Bearing

SBR 16 UU Linear Slide Bearing is self-aligning and reduces friction. They are designed to be long-lasting, are compatible with most surfaces, and can be installed without tools. SBR Linear Slide Bearing is a bearing for linear motion systems. This bearing is easy to install and provides smooth, noise-free movement.

A Linear Slide Bearing is a precision machine part designed for the linear motion industry, including but not limited to automotive, industrial, and construction equipment. They are made of high-quality, heat-treated alloy steel, which makes them solid and durable.

Linear Slide Bearing (SBR) is an all-metal bearing with a tapered inner and outer race designed for high speed and low friction. The sharp race allows using a small amount of lubricant for low friction and long life. As a result, the linear bearing can maintain high speed and low friction in applications that demand high speed and low friction.

  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Perfect impact resistance
  • Excellent tenacity
  • Tensile strength is very high.

Applications of SBR 16 UU Linear Slide Bearings

SBR Linear Slide Bearing is designed for applications requiring smooth, reliable linear motion with high load capacity and low friction. These bearings can be used in various industrial applications such as automotive and aerospace.

Linear slide bearings are used in applications where linear movement is required. For example, they are used in power transmission systems and linear drives. They are also used in machines that need to move along straight lines, such as conveyors and railroads.

The SBR Linear Slide Bearing, a widely used and reliable bearing, has precision-cut gears and a rigid outer sleeve. The bearing is designed for high-torque applications, with a seal to keep out contaminants.

Linear slide bearings reduce friction between two moving surfaces, including an assemblys inner and outer surfaces. These bearings comprise a cylindrical inner ring and a spherical outer ring. This combination provides a very smooth surface while also providing an ample amount of contact points.

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