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Product Description

Ball Screw End Support is commonly used to hold ball screws and similar threaded components and to support heavy weights. The screw end support is a ball screw end mount designed to prevent the centre of the ball screw from rotating. It is achieved with a 1.2" long ball screw. The screw end support comes in various lengths, allowing it to be fitted with most ball screws. Our support assemblies are made of a durable aluminium alloy with a high strength-to-weight ratio and finished in a sleek, black powder coat. The ball screws are held in place by a durable steel bearing, which has a hardness of 45 HRC and can be quickly replaced when worn or damaged.

Standard ball Screw End Support allows a screw to be precisely aligned by attaching to both the support and fixed sides of the shaft. A bearing integrated into the units structure permits the shaft to rotate with stability. We provide BK, BF, FK and FF ball Screw End Supports in various sizes, shapes, surface treatments, and bearing styles. These Ball Screw End Supports are used for multiple purposes, including operating environments and mounting locations. We import these Ball Screw End Supports from known manufacturers to supply our customers with the best possible product.

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Specifications of Ball Screw End Support

The dimensions are among the most crucial factors when creating ball support bearings for screws. It includes the outer rings diameter, bore bearing or housing outer diameter. The bearings industry uses an established numbering system with metric bores. When bores are sizes 04 or above, multiply five times to determine the bore size in millimetres. It is the width between the flats of a Hex bore. If the bore has a tapered shape, it signifies a smaller diameter. A housed bearings outside diameter includes the housing. However, the outside diameter is not inclusive of the flange. The width of the outer ring is the total width of the bearings exterior. Its locking collar is part of the overall dimensions of the bearing or assembly of bearings.

What is Ball Screw Support?

The ball screw end support is a device that holds a screw and nut onto the shaft of a ball screw. This support can be made of metal, plastic, or composite materials. A Ball Screw End Support is a fastening device that attaches a threaded rod to ball screws. The end support typically attaches to a threaded rod with an L-shaped screw with the screw head pointing away from the rod. This device is used to prevent your ball screws from moving while tightening. The support is inserted between the ball screw and the frame. Ball Screw End Support is available in different sizes and shapes and is often used with several different screws.

Top 5 Features of Ball Screw Support Bearings Used in Machine Tools

Modern machine tools can create ceramic, wood, metal, and other components. The machining equipment requires top-quality precision bearings, like ball screw bearings, to ensure maximum precision and trustworthiness. Ball support bearings for screws, well-known for their long life span, offer extraordinary axial strength and the ability to resist massive thrust loads without sacrificing accuracy, which makes them perfect for high-performance actuators.

This article will discuss five essential aspects that make the ball screw bearings the ideal solution for your industrial machinery applications.

1. Angular Contact Bearings

Most ball support bearings have directional bearings that have an extremely sharp contact surface and can be found within all ball screw support combinations as follows:

Duplex Set: It includes two matching bearings.

Triplex Set: It contains three matching bearings.

Quadruplex Set: This set includes four matching bearings.

The bearings single and multi-row designs allow them to be used in different mounting arrangements.

2. High Rigidity

"Rigidity" is the term used to describe the stiffness of an object and its ability to withstand deformation and shearing due to external forces. Due to their higher rigidity, the high-stiffness ball support bearings for screws are suitable for machines that create a significant thrust load. Different configurations offer superior axial rigidity, precision and performance with smaller torques at the beginning.

Bearings in the high stiffness category usually have a sealing seal that lubricates. Additionally, guards for bearings and lubricants are used to ensure that the bearing is well-lubricated due to the demands of a component with high stiffness.

3. High Load Capacity

One of the most advantages associated with using support bearings made of ball screws is their ability to handle the rigours of high loads. We offer Ball screw end support from our series with a high load capacity that lasts for a long service duration. Precision bearings run effortlessly for an extended period because they can endure massive loads.

Features like the balls dimensions and contact angles enhance components load capacity when making bearings with high load capacity. Additionally, due to their exclusive, unique design, they can handle axial stress equally in all directions.

4. Lubrication

Ball support bearings made of the screw are designed to run at tremendous speeds and with heavy loads, classified according to how they are arranged. Lubricating and protecting the bearing is crucial to ensure an uninterrupted and clean operation. Lubrication prevents wear and also shields the bearing from dirt and dust. A properly oiled bearing enhances the efficiency and performance of the machine. Additionally, proper lubrication protects the bearing from damage from friction that could affect the machines performance.

Lubricants are Classified Into Two Types:

Lubricating oils: Before every operation, fat is injected into the bearing.

Lubricating Grease: Grease, a longer-lasting lubricant, usually is applied every six months.

5. High Speed

Because of their high-stiffness structure, these ultra-precise bearings are designed to work at high speeds. To that end, ball bearings can be built or plated in various materials, including steel and ceramic.

The material of your bearings determines the speed of your application. Ceramic bearings increase machine speed without sacrificing the durability of steel bearings.

Applications of Ball Screw End Support

The Ball Screw End Support is a device that attaches to the ball screw to reduce vibrations and noise. Ball Screw End Support devices are used in various industrial applications, including automobile manufacturing, power plants, and nuclear reactors. The devices can be used as a pre-load in a fixed-bearing system to eliminate bearing friction. ball screw support units are also used as a reaction-bearing system to provide an additional bearing for a more stable load. For high-precision mechanical assembly, it is essential to have high-quality support screwed into threaded holes. This product makes it easy to create support that is screwed into the threaded holes, and the quality is guaranteed high. The ball screw support unit is a solution for keeping any ball screw within a rigid mounting system.

Types of Ball Screw End Support

Choices for ball screw support bearings include:

One-Directional Thrust Bearing

A one-directional thrust bearing is an angular contact-type bearing with a one-directional thrust. While the radial stress is similar, it is between two to three times greater than deep groove bearings.

Duplex Set

A duplex set consists of two matching ball screw support bearings.

Triplex Set

A triplex set is a collection of three matching bearings used in ball screw support applications.

Quadruplex Set

A Quadruplex set is a collection of four identical bearings that are utilized in support for ball screws. Additionally, specific ball screw end support comes packed in flanged cartridges. The cartridge is made up of an outer casing with boltholes parallel to the bearings axis, bearings, and seals.

Ball Screw End Support Materials

Ceramic hybrids, stainless steel and plating are unique materials and plating options for ball screw bearings. Stainless steel is chemically resistant to corrosion and can withstand high pressures. A hybrid bearing made of ceramic consists of the outer and inner rings of steel and ceramic balls (usually Si3N4) instead of steel balls. They offer a variety of advantages over steel bearings of all kinds, including increased speed and acceleration capabilities, improved rigidity, greater precision, reduced friction, less heat production, lower lubrication requirements and minimal thermal expansion and a longer working time. Ceramic bearings that are nonconductive with ceramic balls can also be utilized in electric motor applications. Chrome and chrome are both the most commonly used plating substances.

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