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Aluminum SCS Slide Bearings are flexible circular pieces of metal that run through the middle of the device and allow the shaft to rotate. The gear teeth create circular grooves around the circumference of the shaft. They can be found in every machine with gears, such as a bicycle or a vehicle. SCS Bearing is used in many industries, such as automotive and mechanical.

Product Description

SCS Slide Bearings are precision machined, self-lubricating, high-performance bearings designed to provide the smoothest, most reliable, and most consistent performance possible. Because these bearings are finely machined from hardened stainless steel, they are durable, dependable, and long-lasting. In addition, they have a polymeric, non-stick coating that promotes smooth and constant functioning and prevents rusting. The polymeric coating also inhibits oxidation, ensuring the bearings last many years. These bearings are intended for the professional engineer or enthusiast looking for a dependable, long-lasting, and smooth bearing for their application. We import SCS Slide Bearings from well-known manufacturers to provide our clients with the highest-quality product possible.

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What is SCS Linear Motion Slide Bearing

A linear motion slide bearing is a metal or plastic device mounted on a machine, allowing it to slide along a track. It is a type of linear bearing that provides for the movement of a machines axis in one direction and is typically used to support moving parts in one axis. SCS Linear Motion Slide Bearings are a bearing used to guide linear motion. They can be found in various industries and have many uses.

SCS Slide Bearings are linear bearings that allow a smooth, controlled movement of a shaft while they help to maintain the bearings rotation. They are commonly found in industrial machines such as pumps, compressors, and turbines.

The linear motion slide bearing can be used in many applications, including linear guides and motors. It is designed to have the lowest friction possible, and it is possible to construct the linear motion slide bearing in various configurations.

Features of SCS Linear Motion Slide Bearing

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect finish
  • High tensile strength

Advantages of SCS Linear Motion Slide Bearing

SCS Linear Motion Slide Bearings are made from special alloy steel that is self-lubricating and can last up to 100,000 hours. The sliding surfaces are precision ground, which helps reduce friction and wear. The bearings have a low operating temperature and can withstand high torque and low speed.

SCS Slide Bearings are the most common linear motion bearings. Linear motion slide bearings can be used in machine tools, milling machines, grinding machines, and lathes. These linear motion bearings are a type of linear bearing that is used in applications such as mills, lathes, grinders, drills, and many other tools. The SCS slide bearings allow the device to move in a straight line, while the SCS slide bearings transfer to any direction without stopping.

  • They are more compact and cover a smaller radial region.
  • They are less costly.
  • The shaft is simple in design.
  • They are more silent when in use.
  • They can withstand a great deal of shock.
  • They are well-suited to medium and high-speed applications.

Applications of SCS Linear Motion Slide Bearing

SCS Slide Bearings are precise bearings constructed of steel and ceramic balls. The directions are produced of a steel ring and two steel balls enclosed by a ceramic circle. The ceramic ring reduces friction, making a more efficient and smooth bearing. The bearing has various uses, including industrial, electrical, and agricultural machinery.

This bearing reduces friction and friction-related wear on linear motion systems such as linear actuators, motors, and gear drives. It is an effective way to reduce maintenance costs and prolong the life of a linear motion system. The bearing has a raceway groove with a depth of approximately 0.050" (1.27 mm) and a width of about 0.125" (3.18 mm).

SCS Slide Bearings are used in various applications where smooth, precise motion is needed. These bearings are often found in the propulsion systems of aircraft, helicopters, boats, and cars.

These bearings are designed to provide an easy way to move a linear and angular motion in machinery, robotics, and industrial machinery.

Types of SCS Linear Motion Slide Bearing

1. Thick Film Bearings

The lubricant isolates the working surfaces in thick film bearings. Therefore, a different name for these bearings is hydrodynamically lubricated bearings.

2. Thin Film Bearings

Thin film bearings are ones in which, despite the presence of lubricant, the working surfaces only partially touch each other at least some time. These bearings are also known as boundary-lubricated bearings.

3. Zero Film Bearings

Zero film bearings run without any lubricant.

4. Hydrostatic Or Externally Pressurized Lubricated Bearings

Hydrostatic bearings can handle consistent loads while preventing the journal and bearing from moving relative to one another. It is performed by providing external pressure to the lubricant.

5. Sliding Contact Bearing

Sliding contact bearings are also known as sleeve, journal, and plain bearings. In this type of bearing, the shaft surface slides across the surface of the bush, causing wear and friction. A lubricating oil layer separates rotating surfaces to reduce friction. The bush is made of a one-of-a-kind material, such as white metal or bronze.

6. SCS Round Shaft Linear Rail Bearings

SCS round shaft linear bearings are frequently used in round shaft mounting. It is the most often used type of SC round linear rail bearing. SCS linear rail bearings are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and used successfully in almost every industry.

How to select SCS linear bearing for your application? What should we need to consider?

When selecting SCS Linear Motion Slide Bearings, consider the following elements: size, load rate tolerance, tolerance, internal toughness and clearance when treated with heat materials, and the cage structure.

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