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The Linear Shaft End Support is a precision-engineered device designed to support and stabilize a linear shaft while in a machine. The Linear Shaft End Support is an end cap that helps reduce vibrations and includes support for a linear shaft.

The Linear Shaft End Support is used for applications that require rigid, straight, and relentless support.

Product Description

A Linear Shaft End Support is an industrial device that provides the end of a linear shaft with the desired support. The Linear Shaft End Support is used for linear rods of different diameters, lengths, and types of materials. 

Blocks for support of shafts traditionally have to be removed to keep bearings and shafts at a certain level. It can cause problems with the alignment of the parallel shaft. They also require a perfect space on both sides to connect rods. It makes it challenging to install the shaft supports at tight spots and can cause alignment issues when bearings, shafts, or other maintenance of components are.

Syscom Automation provides premium Linear Shaft Support Blocks that address these problems. Syscom Automations Linear block for shaft support with detachable tops allows maintenance on bearings and shafts without impacting the alignment of the base support. The installation of shafts is made more accessible by this design, and it helps to avoid the need to adjust the shafts critical parallel alignment. In addition, we provide standard, low-profile shaft supports available in inches and metric sizes. We also purchase LinearShaft End Support from well-known manufacturers to provide our customers with the best quality product possible.

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What is Linear Shaft End Support

Linear shaft end supports (or linear support bearings) are an engineering product that allows linear motion without friction. The support bearings are similar to spherical bearings, allowing two different linear shafts to rotate without friction. They also enable the shafts to maintain their position as if they were on a pivot point.

Linear shaft end support is a device that stabilizes the end of a shaft. It is typically made of a thin, flexible, lightweight metal, generally used to support the end of a long pole, like the one found in a power drill. Linear shaft end support provides a stable platform for industrial machinery, engines, and vehicles. In addition, they provide a firm, flat surface that helps prevent vibrations from spreading throughout the machine.

A Linear Shaft End Support is a metallic device that supports the end of a linear shaft while the linear shaft remains free of mechanical contact with any other part of the machine. It is essential to the durability and reliability of the device.

Features of Syscom Linear Shaft End Support

Linear Shaft End Support from Syscom Automation is a lightweight, easy-to-install, and versatile support that helps to prevent failure and fatigue of the end of a shaft. This product can be installed on various shafts, such as a rotary table, a screw jack, a crane, a drill, etc.

  • Shaft support blocks are used to support shafts and locate shaft ends.
  • They fit all of the solid and hollow shafts in this inventory.
  • They are either constructed of an aluminium alloy or pressure diecast zinc.
  • The design of series GWA is identical to that of series GW, but it is appropriate for larger fastening screws.
  • Depending on the series, the shaft support blocks have either through or threaded holes.

Advantages of Linear Shaft End Support

A Linear Shaft End Support is a steel pipe with a pre-drilled hole in one end that fits over a piece of equipment shaft. These supports are installed by clamping them over the shaft and welding them to work. The end of the support is then filled with grout and placed on a concrete pad.

Shaft end supports are a simple and affordable way to stabilize and support a linear shaft, allowing for smoother and safer operation. Linear shaft end supports support workpieces like pipe, tubing, or rods commonly.

Linear shaft end supports are used to provide additional support for linear shafts. They are used mainly in the food and beverage industry to support the ends of a vat or tub of product. The shaft supports can be metal, polyethylene, polypropylene, or fiberglass.

  • Remove the shafts without disturbing the base alignment.
  • Keep shafts and bearings aligned while servicing them.
  • Simple to personalize
  • Surfaces that are parallel and perpendicular for simple alignment
  • Syscom shaft end support blocks are half the weight of traditional cast-iron supports.
  • Customized shaft supports are available.

Types of the Linear Shaft End Support

  • Flanged Type
  • T-Shaped
  • L-Shaped
  • Block Type
  • Round Type

Flange-Mounted Shaft End Support

It is the Flange Mounted Shaft Support, an item designed to be mounted to a flange onto the shaft, an object like a vehicle or vehicle component. Other equipment, such as thrust washers and bearings, can be attached to the shaft. Flange-mounted support for shaft holder with a flange that is robust and durable. It is ideal for the maintenance of trucks and autos as well as construction and industrial usage. It is constructed with high-strength materials that wont break, dent, or rust over time.

What are Shaft or Rod Support Blocks in Standard and Low-Profile Heights?

Shaft supports are machine parts that permit linear bushings or bearings to slide onto shafts. The shafts allow tables or tables to move between the two using bushings or bearings. The rods need to be parallel for the carriage to function correctly.

We have standard, low-profile shaft supports in inches and metric sizes. The expertly designed cylindrical bearings made of aluminum weigh about half that of conventional cast-iron shaft supports. Additionally, for aesthetics and corrosion protection, We anodize the top loaders of our support for linear shafts.

Low-profile linear bearing blocks provide the lowest height from shaft to base. The rod and footprint to the base height are of Standard Height shaft supports. Standard Height shaft supports are identical to industry-standard conventional linear block bearing supports.

We also offer specialized support for linear shafts or adjustments to existing supports for applications with precision bore and shaft size demands.

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