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If you are searching for LGD 8 Importers and Suppliers? You are on the right path. Syscom Automation is the Leading Importers and Traders of LGD 8 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

This article will cover the advantages and disadvantages of LGD 8 and other details.

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Rectangle wheel linear rail series LGD

SGB guide rail supporting slider, there are 3 wheels 4 wheels 5 wheels. Another lock can be customized, elastic adjustable. The width of the slider is the same as that of the slide track. See the size below for the length. In order to match different sliders flexibly, the slide rails and sliders are set separately to meet different matching requirements. If you don't know about customer service, we welcome you all the time.


1. maintenance-free dust, low noise, high strength aluminum alloy material, corrosion resistance

2. guide rail type: built-in double axis

3.guide rail material: shell aluminum alloy 

4. Type of slider: multiple wheels 

5.high speed index: high speed operation 

6. Length of guide rail: customized according to requirements

7. Customized length: Any length 

8. installation mode: 360° optional installation 

9. scope of application: suitable for all high speed mute precision equipment, woodworking table saw, Electronic machinery, industrial machinery, construction equipment, etc.