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This article will cover the advantages and disadvantages of Precision Linear Shaft and other details.

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Linear shafts are lengthy, rod-shaped devices that offer 

a linear motion to various applications. For example, linear motion is used in the aerospace, medical packaging, industrial, and manufacturing sectors.

A better shaft equals better performance. The design of the post plays a vital role since it acts as the bearings internal cone or ring (inner race). The inner component of the bearing is in direct contact with the Shaft.

Shafting is a crucial element in linear motion equipment. Various types of motion shafts complete the job.

In the article below, we will learn the advantages, applications, features, and more about Precision Linear Shafts.

Product Specification

Surface TreatmentHard Chrome Plating
Dimension/Size6 - 80 mm
UsagePrecision Machine and Packing Machine
Length100 - 2000 mm

Product Description

The Precision Linear shafts are long, welded tubes cut to precise lengths and then shaped into a circular design with a hole drilled through the middle. The fix is made threaded on both sides so that it can be linked to other components. Based on the projects requirements, the products vary in length but typically have two ends joined with bolts and nuts or similar fasteners to create articulation. Precision Linear shafts are superior to other linear actuators in many ways. They are cost-effective, compact, and light, making them suitable for use when space or weight is restricted. They also offer excellent accuracy and reliability due to their ability to be produced to exact tolerances. 

Precision Linear Shafts service is not limited to just a particular sector. They can also be found in the packaging, automotive printing press, and packaging industries. A long, rigid rod composed of iron (steel), aluminum, or carbon steel transfers energy from one location to another within the linear Shaft. We supply these Precision Linear shafts with various specifications to meet our customers needs. In addition, we import Precision Linear Shafts made by well-known manufacturers to provide our customers with the best quality product.

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What are Precision Linear Shafts?

Linear motion shafts are precision-machined parts with tight tolerances for diameters and smooth surfaces. They are used as bearings, sliding guides for single-axis motion, positioning systems such as pick-and-place systems, CNC routers and lasers, and machine tooling. Linear support shafts serve as shaft foundations. They reduce axial and rotational movements by preventing the Shaft from sliding when a more significant load is applied and enhancing the rigidity of the assembly. Load rating can be influenced by the number of bearings utilized. Arc-shaped grooves that are machined allow recirculating ball bearings to travel down the length of the linear shafts.

Features of Precision Linear Shaft

  • High strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Optimum finish

Advantages of Precision Linear Shaft

  • An extensive selection of suitable materials is available to select.
  • Relevant to a variety of businesses.
  • The ability to make objects of different sizes, strengths, diameters, etc.
  • Hollow, standard (complete), tapped, and threaded shafts are available.
  • An excellent bearing that is supported by various machines and mechanisms.

Applications of Precision Linear Shaft

A linear shaft serves as a support to linear power transmission across a wide range of industries, but most notably in:

Medical: MRIs and dental chairs, instrument adjustments, scanner heads, tables for surgery, and other medical equipment that use moving motions that slide.

Automotive: In the Automotive industry, any application that needs linear power for sliding, like mechanics for car seats and other equipment.

Aerospace: Aerospace is used in various equipment, like adjusting seats for passengers in an aircraft.

Printing and packaging: Many food packaging and printing equipment are constructed using linear motion shafts.

The following list contains only some of the possible applications of linear shafts. They are utilized almost everywhere linear power transmission via sliding is needed.

Materials & Coatings of Precision Linear Shafts

Mostly linear shafts are composed of alloy steel, aluminum stainless steel, carbon steel, and composite material or plastics.

Alloy steel: Alloy steel is more durable than carbon steel and offers excellent durability.

Stainless steel: Steel with stainless properties is well-suited to applications where corrosion resistance is crucial.

Aluminum: Aluminum linear shafts are characterized by their thermal and electrical conductivity, high reflectivity, and resistance to the oxidation process.

Composite materials: Composite materials usually comprise carbon fibers joined by resins. They are not as sturdy as steel shafts but are light and reduce energy usage.

Linear shafts are typically covered or hardened to increase their durability.

Anodize: Anodizing is a protective surface coating technique for aluminum-based products.

Black oxide: The black oxide coats can be applied on stainless steel shafts to stop corrosion caused by ions.

Ceramic: Ceramic coatings offer an incredibly durable finish, and chromium coatings increase friction and resistance to corrosion.

How Do Linear Precision Shaft Work?

The Shaft is connected to the actuator, a rail for support, bushings (ball bearings), and other parts for linear power transmission systems. The fence, bushings, and linear shafts often transmit linear power while the actuator does all the movement.

Linear shafts need mounting before use. End-supported and continuous support are the two most common linear shaft mounting methods. Linear rods supported by ongoing support are typically used to support heavier loads, while lighter loads are supported from both ends.

Types of Precision Linear Shaft

Tapped Linear Motion Shaft

Tapped Linear Motion Shaft does not require support to hold the Shaft sturdy. Instead, internal threads allow you to attach these shafts to threaded studs. The Shaft is designed for linear motion, with linear bearings fixed on both sides. Tapped Linear motion shafts can help lift, move, and turn objects. They are used in the home, commercial and industrial sectors. They are durable and valuable in various ways, like vehicles, cranes, and portable stairlifts.

Threaded Linear Motion Shaft

The linear motion shafts with threaded connections are engineered to ensure solid linear motion at an affordable cost. The shafts are designed to be high-tolerance and have a smooth and smooth finish. The linear motion shafts that are threaded are those which use the screw and nut concept for creating linear motion. Linear motion shafts comprise rods made of steel with threaded holes throughout their length. Machines typically use them to create a linear movement or a continuous motion. A shaft thread is made to suit a standard thread of 3/8-16. This product is utilized in numerous aerospace, medical, and construction industries.

Precision Hollow Linear Shaft

The hollow cores open in linear shafts reduce the systems weight and permit wires, lubricants, and other liquids to pass through. The linear rods with tapered ends are axially threaded, and threaded-end linear ones have axial external threads. The 8-inch hollow industrial Shaft is a sturdy and effective solution to complete the task. This Shaft is constructed from one piece of metal with an even surface. As a result, it is simple to clean. The Shaft has a durable rubber grip for the hand and a locking ring made of steel on the other end. The high-quality 3/8-inch Shaft is intended for use in industrial settings and is available in various sizes and lengths. It is constructed of steel and comes with an oxide-black finish. It can be used for multiple applications and is suitable for light-duty tasks like cranes, dollies, or hoists.

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